Taliban: We'll "behead" US troops over massacre

U.S. Officials expected outrage after the alleged massacre of 16 civilians by an American soldier, and now they're starting to see it.

Dozens of people in southern province of Kandahar held a religious service Tuesday in memory of the shooting victims, and around a thousand students in eastern Afghanistan gathered to voice their anger over the killings.

Burning and chanting "death to America," the protesters in Jalalabad demanded that the U.S. soldier accused of killing the civilians - including nine children - face a public trial, in Afghanistan.

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The protesters also called for American troops to leave Afghanistan now, describing them as tyrants and crusaders.

The Taliban, meanwhile, issued another threat to the U.S. forces in Afghanistan on Tuesday.

In a statement the insurgent group warned they would, "kill and behead your sadistic and murderous soldiers," in revenge for the Kandahar shootings.

Suspected Taliban militants ambushed a high-level Afghan delegation earlier Tuesday as officials, including two of President Hamid Karzai's brothers, visited the scene of the attack.

The gunfire killed at least one soldier and wounded two others.