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Taliban Responds To Appointment Of New U.S. Commander For Afghanistan

"Robert Gates is daydreaming," is what the Taliban spokesperson Mohammed Yucef Ahmadi's said in response to a question about the appointment of a new top Commander for Afghanistan.

"Americans have completely lost their way to victory in Afghanistan. They are becoming more desperate and lose hope by the day, and that's why they rush to make such changes and new appointments," he added.

Ahmadi argued that the U.S. strategies for Afghanistan have all ended in failure over the past few years. "They changed and substituted their military commanders several times in the past few years. Each commander claims that he's got new plans and new war-fighting concepts, but very soon it becomes clear to them that this battle in not one to be won," he said.

Ahmadi claimed that the Taliban's victory was imminent and that the U.S. will soon come to the realization that all the changes they're making could not change this reality. "They will have to admit it, just like the former Soviet Union did," concluded Ahmadi.