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Tailgating takes step up to gourmet fare

Sixteen million Americans will pack NFL stadiums this season. But for many of them, the party begins long before the game. And tailgating is no longer just about burgers and dogs.

A new survey by Weber-Stephen Products, an outdoor products company, says 22 percent of today's tailgaters consider themselves gourmet grillers, while 28 percent say they are between gourmet and basic grillers.

But just what are these gourmet grillers got going on? "Early Show" co-anchor Jeff Glor headed to Western New York for a sample with Joe Cahn - the self-anointed "Commissioner of Tailgating."

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Click on the video above to see gourmet concoctions tailgaters are trying out, from lobster to lamb skewers.

To see more of "Commissioner of Tailgating" Joe Cahn, visit his website.

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