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T-Mobile Plays Hide-and-Seek With G2 Smartphone

It's the stuff of marketing legend. The coming debut of T-Mobile's new Android-based smartphone, the so-called G2, was supposed to be accompanied by the roll-out of a a promotional site. But shortly after going live, the page got shut down. It subsequently reopened with a couple of very general paragraphs along with a sign-up form to receive G2 information, according to PC World.

"The T-Mobile G2 will deliver tight integration with Google services and break new ground as the first smartphone designed to run at 4G speeds on our new HSPA+ network. In the coming weeks, we'll share more details about the G2 and offer exclusive first access to current T-Mobile customers," the site now says.

Whatever the plan, T-Mobile succeeded in igniting a frenzy of attention with the term "G2" soaring to the top of Google's most-searched terms.

The device is the first one T-Mobile built specifically for its new HSPA+ network, which is touted as offering 4G-like speeds on the company's 3G infrastructure.