T. Boone Pickens challenges Obama to an hour-long workout

Billionaire T. Boone Pickens challenged President Obama to a one-hour workout in an effort to bring attention to his energy plan that focuses on replacing oil with natural gas.

"I challenge Pres @BarackObama to a 1 hr workout. My cardio is better," the energy magnate Pickens wrote on Twitter Thursday, linking to a video that features him running up a hill in San Francisco. "Will work out energy plan for America #nosweat."

Mr. Obama's own exercise routine was recently put on display when a fellow guest at the Warsaw Marriott, where he was staying during a trip to Poland, took photos and video of him working out that went viral.

Pickens is hoping to attract attention to his comprehensive national energy plan - called "The Pickens Plan" - which seeks to replace oil with natural gas as the primary source of transportation fuel in the U.S., upgrade the electrical transmission grid, develop more renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, and incentivize homeowners and commercial building owners to make their buildings more energy efficient.

Pickens has praised the president's energy priorities and plans, but says he needs to follow through with more action.

"If the president is serious on natural gas and trucking in America, here's an idea: Lead by example. Sign an executive order mandating government vehicles use natural gas, and that those who contract with the federal government for goods and services do, too," Pickens wrote in a Forbes op-ed after the president's 2014 State of the Union address. "Because natural gas is so much cheaper than diesel, you can make the case that such an order is fiscally responsible as well as environmentally beneficial."