"Survivor: Nicaragua": It's Not About Age Any More

The cast of Survivor: Nicaragua. (Monty Brinton/CBS)

NEW YORK (CBS) The tribes got mixed up on Wednesday night's episode of the CBS reality TV show  "Survivor: Nicaragua."

Pictures: "Survivor: Nicaragua"

Only five episodes into Season 21 -- with 16 players still remaining - host Jeff Probst stunned both tribes when he announced they would no longer be separated by age.


When the dust finally settled, California  firefighter Tyrone  Davis, originally a member of the older Espada  tribe, was ousted.

New leaders were chosen, based on a random selection of rocks drawn from a sack. They turned out to be Brenda (yellow rock) from the young tribe and Holly (blue rock) from the old tribe.

Brenda had to pick three people from the old tribe, and Holly had to pick four from the young tribe. The castaways who weren't picked stayed with their former tribe.

Another surprise: After four straight weeks of combined reward-immunity challenges, the Survivor producers changed things up last night with separate reward and immunity challenges - just like old times.

Tensions rose quickly at at the Espada camp  because of a disagreement over whether to sacrifice one of the chickens for a good meal.

Everyone gets mad at Tyrone, who argued to keep the chicken around longer so it could produce more eggs, but he ended up stuffing his face at dinner time. In the end, Tyrone got kicked off the show.