Survivor III: The Beltway

000621 earlyshow jeff probst

If you think life in the Outback is perilous, try surviving in Washington.

That was the humorus message brought to the nation's capital Saturday night by Jeff Probst, host of the CBS reality TV shows "Survivor" and "Survivor: The Australian Outback. "

For the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, Probst videotaped a"Survivor" spoof set in Washington and featuring some famous Beltway figures. The spoof included the trademark "Survivor" theme and was set to look like the opening of a "Survivor" episode. Click here to see the tape.

The annual dinner is an opportunity for the White House press corps and the administration it covers to get together and poke fun at themselves.

President Bush was among the speakers. He poked fun at himself and his famous family with the help of some photographs from the family album.