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"Survivor: Cagayan" premiere: Beauty vs. Brains vs. Brawn

Things got off to a dramatic start on the new "Survivor" season Wednesday night, which ended with one tribe sending two people home.

"Survivor: Cagayan" has divided its castaways into three tribes based on their attributes -- brains, brawn and beauty. After arriving, host Jeff Probst asked each group to quickly pick a leader, and then that person had to identify the weakest person in their tribe. That individual got sent ahead to camp first where, unbeknownst to their tribe-mates, they were presented with a choice -- get an extra bag of rice for the group, or take a clue to the hidden immunity idol instead.

Help the group, or help themselves? Professional poker player Garrett Adelstein (Brains) and former NFL cheerleader Morgan McLeod (Beauty) opted for the latter -- which led to Garrett finding the hidden immunity idol. Pilates instructor Trish Hegarty (Brawn) was tempted to do the same, but ultimately decided to help her tribe instead.

Suffice it to say, the rest of the night did not go well for the smart people. For a group with an average IQ of 130, they didn't show much of it. The tribe lost both immunity challenges and sent two of their six members home.

After their first disastrous loss, which Probst called "one of the worst performances out of the gate in the history of 'Survivor,'" the group voted out Miami Marlins president David Samson. After their second loss, it was Garrett who got the boot -- amazingly, while he had the hidden immunity idol in his possession, which he'd decided not to bring to tribal council. Ouch.

Even more surprising? Nuclear engineer J'Tia Taylor escaped both eliminations, despite struggling in the second immunity challenge and ruining her tribe's food by throwing it into the fire.

Tell us: What do you think of the beauty vs. brains vs. brawn format? Did the right people go home? Sound off on the episode in the comments below.

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