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Surveillance photo shows teacher day before murder

NEWTON, N.C.- As police search for clues in the murder of a North Carolina school counselor and former teacher of the year, officials have released a new surveillance image showing her the day before she was killed.

Tuesday, authorities released a surveillance image of Maggie Daniels inside a Walmart in Conover, N.C., about 45 miles north of Charlotte. The photo was taken June 27. Daniels was found dead in her apartment in nearby Newton on June 28.

Police hope that the picture may help someone remember if they saw Daniels, a popular counselor and 2011 Newton-Conover City Schools' teacher of the year, before her death.

The death of N.C. educator Maggie Daniels, 31, has been ruled a homicide. CBS affiliate WBTV

Newton Police Chief Donald Brown told CBS News' Crimesider that investigators are hoping to narrow down a timeline for Daniels before her death and who she may have been in contact with.

"What we're looking for is anybody who may have seen her," Brown said. "Those are the clothes she was wearing that day, so that may jog someone's memory."

Daniels was with a friend at the Walmart where the image was captured, but the friend has been ruled out as a suspect, he said.

Brown said investigators are "doing a lot of legwork" by interviewing neighbors and residents. "We're getting a lot of good information and the investigation is progressing," he said.

However, police don't yet have a suspect, he said. They are asking for help from the public for clues, according to CBS affiliate WBTV.

Investigators say Daniels' death was a homicide, but have not released the cause of death, despite an autopsy being completed, Brown said.

Brown told WBTV investigators want anyone in the Newton area who has surveillance equipment at home or their place of business to check the video from June 27th and the morning of the 28th, according to the station.

Police are looking for any video showing Daniels as well as any indication of people with her, near her, or watching her.