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Surprise For 'Race' Moscow Leg Leaders

Eric and Jeremy thought they were safely on top as the nine remaining teams in "The Amazing Race 9" competed in Moscow, only to find a leg they thought was theirs was instead going to continue.

Waiter Eric Sanchez and valet Jeremy Ryan, both from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., got the news from host Phil Keoghan at the end of Tuesday night's episode.

The show's Web site says, "Friends Eric and Jeremy once again set the pace as the nine teams made their way to Moscow, where Yolanda and Wanda each confronted their fear of water in a frightening high dive "roadblock." Teamed with Eric and Jeremy, childhood friends Danielle and Dani made a huge mistake that pushed them to last place, while the guys stepped onto the mat in Red Square first.

…"Arriving at Red Square at nearly the same time, Eric and Jeremy and Lake and Michelle searched for St. Basil's Cathedral, where Phil stood waiting. In a close footrace, the friends beat out the married couple, excited to hear Phil tell them they were the first team to arrive. However, instead of another prize, the pair received their next clue. This leg was not over."

For complete details on Tuesday's episode, click here.

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