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Sunday: Scott, Coons, Gowdy, Podesta, Flake, Dent, Ros-Lehtinen, Royce

Last Updated Feb 17, 2018 5:00 PM EST 

In bad news for an already embattled agency, Florida Governor Rick Scott called for the FBI director's resignation after the agency disclosed it fumbled a tip that the suspected Florida school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was plotting an attack. Cruz was charged Thursday for a massacre that has renewed an increasingly cynical debate over gun control and mass shootings. President Trump planned to meet with victims' families and first responders this weekend.

Also on Friday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the latest charges in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe. Thirteen Russians were charged in an elaborate scheme Rosenstein called "information warfare" to "undermine public confidence and democracy." The president was quick to reply on Twitter, insisting that the "results of the election were not impacted" and there was "no collusion!"

Senators this week failed to pass any of the four immigration proposals brought to the floor Thursday. What happens next for an estimated 689,000 so-called Dreamer immigrants is unclear. The proposal that failed by the most votes was the only one to reflect President Trump's "four pillars" -- garnering just 39 votes in favor.

And John Kelly ordered sweeping changes this week to the White House security clearance process, seeking to address concerns generated by the resignation of White House staff secretary Rob Porter. The controversy had sown divisions among West Wing staffers now eager to put discussion of Porter's domestic violence allegations behind them.

This Sunday on "Face the Nation" (@FaceTheNation), we'll bring you the latest on all that and more with guest host Nancy Cordes (@nancycordes), chief congressional correspondent for CBS News.

For the news of the day, we'll sit down with:

Also this Sunday, don't miss our exit interview with four Republican lawmakers not seeking reelection this year:

And on Saturday, hundreds rallied in Ft. Lauderdale with lawmakers and families of victims from the Florida school shooting. We'll hear from some Stoneman Douglas High School students behind the #NeverAgain movement (@NeverAgainMSD) and their plans to lobby for gun control legislation.

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