Sunday: Pelosi, Cruz, Graham

Pelosi reacts to Democrats taking House

President Trump made good on his threat Friday to deny asylum to migrants entering the country illegally, responding to an approaching caravan of Central American migrants he has called a "crisis" and a "national emergency."

The measure - an extraordinary invocation of the same national security threat on which he premised his travel ban - has met resistance in Washington, in the courtroom and abroad just as the president departs for his long-planned trip to France this weekend.

The president also faces a barrage of criticism over his choice of Matthew Whitaker as acting Attorney General, following Jeff Sessions' ouster on Wednesday. Critics have questioned Whitaker's past controversial comments - including publicly denouncing the Mueller probe - and ties to a company accused of scamming its clients.

Also this week, President Trump and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi this week sounded cooperative notes after Democrats scored control of the House Tuesday night. "It really could be a beautiful, bipartisan type of situation," the President declared.

But both sides are discreetly preparing for a combative 116th Congress with battles already shaping up over immigration, gun control and federal oversight. And Pelosi is gearing up for her own intraparty fight as she shores up support for a bid to retake the title of Speaker of the House.

And days after election night, campaigns are still battling over razor-thin margins in races across the nation. From potential recounts in Florida's high-profile Senate race to Democratic hopes for a runoff in Georgia, some of America's most bitter, high-profile contests could remain undecided through the holiday weekend.

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We'll hear also from Sen. Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC), R-South Carolina.

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