Summer's Unofficial Beginning

Children riding bikes in a grassy area
What is the true meaning of summer? Over Memorial Day weekend, Correspondent Charles Osgood reflected on this topic in his "Osgood File."
This weekend marks the unofficial beginning of the summer vacation season. Let's see, we've got 13 full weeks until the Labor Day weekend and the season's end.

That's quite a long time, really: A quarter of a year in fact. Although you may only take a few weeks of that off, the entire period is one you might as well forget about as far as work is concerned. Nobody schedules meetings during this time because too many of the people who would be at the meetings would be on their vacations.

No point making any sales calls. The person you're trying to sell won't be there. No point in making any phone calls even. You can leave messages but the people you're calling won't get the message until they get back, by which time you'll be gone and so you won't get the message they leave you until you get back. You're both just spinning your wheels.

There is a great deal of wheel spinning that goes on in the summertime. The Democratic and Republican parties will both hold political conventions to pretend they are picking the presidential candidates - which as we all know they already did some time ago.

We go through the motions of getting work done but for all practical purposes the world shuts down for the next three months no matter how hard some people try to make it otherwise. I say the heck with practical purposes anyway. It is the lazy hazy season of beaches, books, beer, barbecue and baseball - of long golden days and soft summer nights. Enjoy it. September will come soon enough. This quarter of a year will pass in the flicker of an eye.