Study: Women new financial winners after divorce

Divorce Decree
Divorce Decree

Conventional wisdom used to say women were the big financial losers after a divorce.

But a new Pew survey finds women these days are actually bouncing back better than men financially.

The Pew Economic Mobility Project, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trust, finds 20 percent of women are going to see gains of more than 25 percent in income after a divorce -- double what it was 20 years ago. Men only have a 16 percent gain after a divorce, according to the survey.

About half of both men -- and women -- do worse financially after divorce.

"This says a lot," financial expert Carmen Wong Ulrich said on "CBS This Morning," "Because 20, 30 years ago, this absolutely was not the case."

But why have things been changing?

In addition to more education for women, the wage gap is closing, Wong Ulrich said.

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