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Study Justifies Attacks On Oil Facilities Even if Harmful to Muslims

(Ctr. Islamic Studies and Research)
While recognizing that jihadi attacks on oil installations, pots and companies would have negative effects on Muslims, including foreign occupation of their countries, a 63-page study by the Centre for the Islamic Studies and Research recommended that such attacks be carried out with a special focus on oil wells, since it takes a long time to fix them.

The study, entitled: "The Ruling Of Targeting Oil Installations, and the Provisions of Economic Jihad" was written by Shaykh Abdel Aziz Ben Rashid al Anzy. Al Anzy was an al Qaeda webmaster and a member of the group's Islamic law committee in Saudi Arabia. He was arrested following clashes with Saudi security services in Riyadh in 2005.

The study tackles the religious imperatives of the so-called "economic jihad" with a special focus on oil installations and facilities. The author argues that in spite of the harm that such attacks might cause to Muslims, they were still worth carrying out.