Strange Baby Transport: Mom Uses Luggage as Stroller, And Apparently That's OK

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Dart Bus (Dallas Area Rapid Transit)
DALLAS (CBS/KTVT) A mother needed to take her 1-year-old son to the doctor. So she used a suitcase. Last Friday, Dallas passengers were surprised to see a woman boarding the bus with her son stuffed into an unzipped  piece of wheeled luggage.

The mother's fellow riders were not amused by the woman's resourcefulness. Authorities were notified of concerns about the child's welfare and possible endangerment. DART, the bus operator, and Dallas cops, used GPS to locate and stop the bus en route around the 1100 block of Inwood Road in northwest Dallas.

Police questioned the, shall we say, creative mom, who informed them that she did not have a proper baby carrier, and they determined that she did not break any laws. A suitcase, according to Dallas police, is a permissible baby transport and it does not imperil the child. Feel free to disagree, but as criminal law attorney Barry Sorrels told CBS affiliate KTVT, "You can't make hard and fast rules, you have to know more about what the bag looked like and what the circumstances were... it's not something that's clear cut in this situation."

The mother and child were permitted to go, but she could face charges in the future.