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Steve Jobs action figure is all sorts of creepy


(CBS) - Need a high-tech Apple co-founder to hang out with your G.I. Joes or date your Barbie doll?

A Chinese company called In Icons is releasing an eerily realistic Steve Jobs action figure next month.You heard correctly.

The Jobs action figure will come dressed in his signature blue jeans and black turtleneck and stand 12-inches tall.

The life-like doll will even come with socks, New Balance shoes and two pairs of glasses. Even stranger items will be included, like two apples, a stool, a backdrop that says "ONE MORE THING" and three pairs of hands. Huh?

The accessories that we actually want - iPad, iMac and iPhone - won't be coming with the doll. The action figures will go on sale for $99.

While the workmanship is impressive, we're not sure the best way to honor the tech legend is by turning him into a doll.

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