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Stephen Colbert has "God" urge Oprah Winfrey to run for president

Oprah Winfrey said yet again that she has no intentions of running for president. On the "Late Show," she joined Stephen Colbert and reiterated that she would need a very clear, undeniable sign from God in order to run. 

Colbert was trying to talk her into running, but got interrupted by a divine intervention. 

"Oprah, Stephen, what's up? Hey!" said a voiceover from a projection on the ceiling. 

"I'm sorry about this, Oprah. I apologize. God stops by every once in a while," Colbert explained to Winfrey, who laughed. "Can I help you, Lord? I'm kind of the in middle of talking to somebody important." "God" told the pair that he is a huge fan. 

"I hear thou seeketh a sign? Well, is this clear enough?" asked "God." He held up a cardboard sign that said,"Run!"

"Well, all I can say, God, is that 'run' is now a part of my exercise routine," she replied. But "God" wouldn't give up, and wore a hat and t-shirt with Oprah 2020 slogans. 

"Oprah 2020! Yes she can!" the animated diety said. 

Winfrey refused to be pressured into a presidential run, but she did tell "God" she'll try to get the Bible into her book club

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