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Steele Says GOP Needs "Positive Vision"

Former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, who according to a report in the Washington Times, is among those making a play to become chairman of the Republican National Committee, has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today arguing that his party needs a more positive vision. From Steele:

We must articulate a positive vision for America's future that speaks to Americans' hopes, concerns and needs. It's time to stop defining ourselves by what we are not, and tell voters what we believe, how we'll lead, and where we'll go; how we Republicans will make America better; how we'll make their families more prosperous, their children better educated, their parents more secure, and all of us healthier, safer and stronger.

Our challenge lies not in beating Democrats, but in uniting around a message that solidifies our ranks and attracts new people to our cause. We have to listen to what Americans are telling us about their hopes, desires and needs, and then translate that message into proposals for meaningful action squarely grounded on the values we Republicans have always stood for.

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