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Start your day with a personal summary on the iPad

(MoneyWatch) Many of us have morning rituals that get us started. Some people read the newspaper; others start by browsing news sites on the Web. Personally, I start by checking the weather to see if it's warm enough to run, and also to glance at the traffic. I've found an iPad app that pulls all these things together onto a single screen.

"Morning" is a smart-looking iPad app that packs a bunch of information important to you on the same display -- no paging or scrolling needed. You can customize the screen with a half-dozen items. Choose from the date and time, today's appointments, to-dos, your current commute time, the weather, news, stocks and a countdown timer.

Each item is configurable. In the news section, you can choose the sources and number of items to display, for example. For the commute, you can indicate where your office is located. And you can arrange the screen any way you like -- just drag the modules around, and the display flows and formats accordingly. And you can choose from among several color themes.

The app could do with more options -- especially in view of its $3 price tag. The commute doesn't let you specify the route that it bases its drive time estimate on, for example, which is of limited utility if you don't drive the way the app chooses. And the weather module shows you the day's high and low, but not -- strangely enough -- the current temperature.

Nonetheless, Morning is a satisfying way to kick-start your morning. Lets hope the developers continue to hone this app to make it truly worth the price.

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