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"Star Wars: Episode VII" fundraiser names walk-on winner

The Force was surely with this lucky fan -- a Colorado man is getting a walk-on role in "Star Wars: Epsiode VII."

D.C. Barnes, of Denver, won the coveted cameo after donating to the "Star Wars: Force for Change" campaign, which offered the "Episode VII" appearance and other prizes to those who supported the cause.

Lucasfilm videotaped the lifelong "Star Wars" fan getting surprised with the big news at his office in Denver. Just as he was asked during a video chat what his favorite "Star Wars" moment was, members of the "Force for Change" team burst in and he nearly fell out of his chair. Once composed, and informed that he was the winner, he said, "This! This is my new favorite 'Star Wars' moment."

Barnes will now get to go to London and will be fitted with a costume and filmed for a scene in "Star Wars: Episode VII."

"Star Wars: Force for Change" raised $4.26 million for UNICEF Innovation Labs and programs from donors in 125 countries around the world. Director J.J. Abrams offered sneak peeks at "Episode VII" in videos promoting the fundraiser and other "Star Wars" prizes were also offered as incentives for fans to donate.

The funds will go to help create sustainable solutions to critical issues facing children around the world in the areas of nutrition, water, health and education, such as a portable, solar-powered educational kit to ensure children have access to quality learning and a mobile app that helps reunite separated and unaccompanied children with their families in natural disasters.

UNICEF currently has 14 Innovation Labs in its network, and these funds can create at least seven more.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" -- complete with Barnes' cameo -- will arrive in theaters on Dec. 18, 2015.

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