Spring has sprung: Molly Sims gives her must-have fashion looks of the season

Molly Sims adds style to Wendy's #NewSaladCollection at an exclusive fashion event to celebrate to kick off online style board contests that Sims will judge, on March 19, 2014 in New York.
Getty Images for Wendy's

It may not feel like it yet, but spring has officially sprung -- at least according to the calendar. Thursday (March 20) marks the first day of spring 2014.

And although in many areas of the country it may not be time to break out that spring wardrobe just yet, it is fun to think dream about swapping those tights and boots for dresses and sandals.

We caught up with model/actress Molly Sims to get her take on not only spring fashion, but her upcoming book, motherhood and acting.

She also told us why she's working up online style boards and judging a fashion contest for Wendy's and fashion site, Polyvore.

Check out what she had to say:

On spring/summer 2014 fashion: "I love nude...you gotta have a nude jacket. You have to have a cream or a white boyfriend jacket. I love the not-so-skinny jean where it's not the boyfriend, but it's not the super skinny. It's kind of a relaxed jean -- rolled-up. I love a pair of flats, gotta have a little metallic in there. Lace is really good: hot-pink lace, all the colored laces. The color blocking is still really in. The neon is still going to be there, the hot pinks for summer. You know what I'm really taking chances on? The sunglasses. White sunglasses or blue sunglasses or all the tints on the lenses. And I think it's pointy. I have to say when you're wearing a heel -- it's pointy. And if you're going to do a flat, it's embellished."

On her new red hair color: "I'm still digging it. At first it was like, 'Oh, what have I done?' ... But it's so fun. It gives me a little warmth in my skin. I never had so many people say, 'Wow, you look tan!'...It gives me a lot of color...It's a good change. I also find I wear different colors like deep purples and mauves and bright pinks and creams."

On her upcoming book, "The Everyday Supermodel": It originally started with me being the guinea pig with all my friends -- saying, 'Here's what you need. Tell me everything. Here's what you're going to buy. Here's what I learned.' I'm just really being honest with women on health and fitness and fashion -- and how to wear certain things...If I'm buying cheaper, I buy two sizes bigger. It's all the things that I've learned and what I live by."

One key beauty tip: "Use a cream blush -- almost like a bronzer -- all away across the bridge of your nose. Not being so white concealed under your eye, using a little of a cream eyeliner inside the eye. It almost makes you look more sun-kissed. It doesn't matter what your skin color is. You just go one or two shades up even if it looks like chocolate-brown, you just blend and blend... And for fashion I love a [shirt] side-tuck. It's hard to achieve -- wear things a little longer. Do half of it tucked in just on the side. You take your first four fingers and tuck it in on your left side or your right side and it makes a world of difference."

On returning to TV: "I did 'Carrie Diaries.' I did 'Men at Work. ' I will [return to TV full-time], but it's a little difficult depending on where the show shoots. My husband in California -- and me being in New York, it can be difficult. If the right thing comes along, then I will. I love guest-starring, too, because then you're in and you're out."

On her 20-month-old son, Brooks: "He's talking, he's babbling. He says 'Love you.' He says, 'Thank You.' He says 'Love you Mama.' He used three words in a row....It's just awesome. It's the best -- it's like a Christmas present every morning."

On teaming with Wendy's and Polyvore to help launch two new salads (Asian Cashew Chicken and BBQ Ranch Chicken): "They wanted to pull a fashion twist into it...You can put together style boards based on the ingredients in the salads...I'm judging them...and will be looking for creativity...and how they put everything together. I kind of feel like the ingredients are all of the accessories that you wear."

On her own salad-inspired style board: "I put together a sailor sweater -- I put in a little bit of yellow for the corn and then the nude. I did the blue jean for the relaxed down-home feeling of BBQ. I did a pair of Ray-Bans -- just kind of being on the farm when it's really sunny. I did little kiss earrings to represent sweetness."

See Sims' style boards and submit your own here.