"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" ending Broadway run

Posters for the Broadway musical "Spider-Man Turn: Off the Dark" hang outside the Foxwoods Theatre in New York on Dec. 22, 2010

The Broadway lights will dim on the musical "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" in January.

A spokesman for the show, Rick Miramontez, tells CBS News it will move to Las Vegas after its last performance on the Great White Way.

"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" features music from rock band U2’s Bono and the band's guitarist, the Edge.

It was Broadway's most expensive show, with a price tag of $75 million.

It became one of its biggest hits after a rocky start, with an opening night delayed six times, <a href="https://www.cbsnews.com/8301-207_162-57598912/spider-man-show-to-go-on-despite-new-actor-injury/">injuries to several actors</a>, a shake-up that led to the firing of Julie Taymor, the show's original director, and critical drubbing.

One actor, Christopher Tierney, suffered a fractured skull, a fractured shoulder blade, four broken ribs and three broken vertebrae during a fall on Dec. 20, 2010; he

A lead actress, Natalie Mendoza, suffered a concussion during the first preview performance and left the show. A stuntman, Richard Kobak, sued the producers, saying he suffered a concussion, whiplash and two holes in his knees.