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Fists fly after Southwest Airlines flight lands, video shows

BURBANK, Calif. -- It wasn't the plane that was flying, but a pair of fists Sunday, and it was caught on video, reports CBS Los Angeles.

A fight erupted on a Southwest Airlines plane that had just arrived from Dallas at Hollywood Burbank Airport Sunday morning.

Cellphone video shows passengers fighting aboard a Southwest Airlines flight. Nick Krause

Michael Krause heard the commotion and started rolling his cellphone camera.

He told CBS L.A. two men began wrestling and throwing punches. During the scuffle, a woman tried to pull the man on top off the man she was with.

"Everyone was de-planing then all heck broke loose," Krause said.

In the video, you see a Southwest flight attendant trying to break up the fight, but when the man on the bottom suddenly picks up the smaller man, they fall onto the seats in front of them and right on top of the woman and the flight attendant.

The punches continued until other passengers were able to stop the fight.

Burbank Police say one of the men was arrested for assault and battery. It's unclear what started the fight or if they knew each other. One person was injured but refused treatment, police said.

Krause showed the video to his son, who posted it on Twitter. The video got a lot of attention and Krause believes the flight attendant deserves some, too.

"She was running down the aisle toward danger and then she got trapped. She did a wonderful job. God bless her and I hope she's OK."

Southwest issued expressing gratitude to employees who reacted quickly to break up the fight, calling its employees "everyday heroes" trained to de-escalate conflict.


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