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Sophie B. Hawkins: "Wilderness"

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Sophie B. Hawkins made it big a decade ago with such hits as "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover" and "As I Lay Me Down."

She even earned a 1992 Grammy-nomination for best new artist. Some years ago, she decided to take a bold step and strike out on her own. She formed an independent label and just released a new album titled "Wilderness."

Hawkins performed some songs from the new album in The Saturday Early Show's Second Cup Café.

As the helmswoman of Trumpet Swan Records, with manager Gigi Gaston, Hawkins says she experienced her most liberated creative process on "Wilderness," since before being signed by Sony.

In 1992, Hawkins "Tongues & Tails," quickly went gold. Another gold album, "Whaler," followed two years later, along with a single, "As I Lay Me Down," that would chart in Billboard for a record-breaking 67 weeks.

In 1999, her "Timbre" won Hawkins universal respect for a rare blend of multi-instrumental and vocal talent, songwriting craftsmanship and honesty.

When Hawkins decided to strike out on her own, she worked out an agreement that allowed her to leave her label while retaining ownership of the "Timbre" masters. She re-released the album on her Trumpet Swan imprint, then hit the road with her band in a station wagon.

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