Sonya Thomas, Chicken Wing Pro-Eater

Sonya Thomas pro eater buffalo new york chicken wings
Sonya Thomas (AP)
(CBS/AP) Can you imagine eating 181 spicy fried chicken wings in one sitting? How about doing it in 12 minutes? Champion eater Sonya Thomas broke the national championship record Sunday at the ninth annual National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York.

The diminutive woman 43-year-old, who stands at 5 feet and weights only 105 pounds - devoured 4.86 pounds of chicken, besting favored pro-eater Joey Chestnut. Chestnut, who stands 6'2" and weighs in at 230 pounds, came in second after eating 169 chicken wings, or 4.55 pounds of chicken.

So how, exactly, do 181 fried chicken wings break down nutritionally? If the wings are large and whole, Thomas consumed, in 12 minutes, about 4,583 calories - that's more than two days worth of energy an average person needs. And that's not counting the sauce.

Her liver is trying to figure out what to do with about 198.7 grams of fat, 54 g of which is saturated. Experts say we should consume just 65-85 grams per day, with only 20 grams being of the saturated variety.

Thomas' body also has to process 1,824 mg of cholesterol, yet the American Heart Association recommends we consume less than 300 mg of cholesterol daily.

Let's hope Thomas, Chestnut, and the other pro-eaters drink lots of water, eat some veggies and give their hearts, lives, and arteries some time off this week.