Something's Frozen Over

We revisited Hillary Clinton's history with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review newspaper and it's publisher Richard Mellon Scaife last week when she sat down to an interview with them. The gambit appears to have paid off in Pennsylvania. Scaife, the billionaire conservative who was at the heart of the so-called "right-wing conspiracy" that dogged the Clintons during the 1990s wrote yesterday that he has changed his mind about the former first lady as a result of their discussion.

"Walking into our conference room, not knowing what to expect (or even, perhaps, expecting the worst), took courage and confidence," Scaife wrote. "Not many politicians have political or personal courage today, so it was refreshing to see her exhibit both. Sen. Clinton also exhibited an impressive command of many of today's most pressing domestic and international issues. Her answers were thoughtful, well-stated, and often dead-on." But he stopped short of an endorsement for the Democratic primary. "In fairness, we at the Trib want to hear Sen. Barack Obama's answers to some of the same questions and to others before we make that decision. But it does mean that I have a very different impression of Hillary Clinton today than before last Tuesday's meeting -- and it's a very favorable one indeed." Strange days indeed.