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Soccer coach fired day after hitting reporter

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(CBS/AP) What one soccer coach deemed "a pat" on a reporter's shoulder may have cost him his job.

Danish soccer coach Ove Christensen was fired one day after he angrily hit a TV interviewer on the shoulder following a 4-0 loss.

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The coach of the Randers team became agitated when asked after the match against Brondby whether he could stay on as coach. He responded by saying he would not answer "stupid questions." He then hit reporter Rasmus Lund on the right shoulder and walked away.

"Why did you hit me?" Lund asks incredulously as Christensen walks away.

"I gave you a pat on the shoulder," the coach snipes back.

Clearly, just a love pat.

Amazingly the team said the incident with the reporter had nothing to do with the coach's firing. Randers spokesman Ib Rasmussen told The AP on Tuesday that Christensen's dismissal was a result of the club's "poor result."

Somehow we think the coach smacking the reporter is the "poor result" the team is talking about.

Christensen joined the team in 2009. It is 10th in the 12-team Danish league.

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