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Soapmakers Amplify Call To Wash Your Hands

With world leaders and health officials sounding like a nagging mom during this swine flu outbreak, makers of soap and hand sanitizers are amplifying the calls to "wash your hands."

The companies, according to The Wall Street Journal, are stepping up marketing tied to messages on how to prevent swine flu.

The maker of Lysol has upped production of the disinfectant spray and is promoting a public relations campaign aimed at families on how to prevent the spread of germs.

One industry insider, however, finds the moves distasteful. The Journal reports:

"Trying to capitalize on the nation's fear is 'quite a sleazy course of conduct,' says Dean Crutchfield, an independent branding consultant. He says instead of increasing their ad budgets, marketers should be donating resources to schools and hospitals and creating an aura of goodwill around their brands. 'This is the time when you show who you really are,' he says."

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