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Snowball Fight Gun Video: D.C. Cop Draws Gun at Snowball Fight


WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) - Drop that snowball!

Washington, D.C. police are investigating reports that a detective brandished his gun during a mass snowball fight on a city street after an Internet video surfaced that appears to show the incident.

Police said Monday they were looking into reports that a plainclothes officer pulled a gun after he and his personal car were hit by snowballs. Police say witness accounts and videos from the scene appeared to support the claims.

Hundreds of people were involved in the snowball fight during Saturday's record snowstorm.

A video posted on YouTube shows a black man wearing tan pants, a crème colored top and dark jacket standing next to a maroon Hummer. He appears to be holding a gun in his left hand and a walkie-talkie in his right hand. At one point in the video he identifies himself as Detective Baylor.

On the video, which is edited, someone says, "This dude has a gun in his hand. He's driving a Hummer and people are throwing snowballs at him. It does not seem like a good idea."

Later the same voice says, "Do not shoot anyone over snowballs please," but it is unlikely the man could hear him. By this point, it appears Baylor has put the gun away and is now holding only the walkie-talkie which is now in his left hand.

At another point in the video, the crowd chants, "Don't bring a gun to a snowball fight."

Almost two minutes into the video a squad car arrives. Baylor taunts the crowd to "throw another snowball," and pushes one man backwards. A uniformed police officer joins the argument with his gun drawn at his side.

Someone in the crowd says, "We don't feel safe with him here," seemingly in reference to Baylor.

The uniformed officer says, "I'm sorry sir, he's a police officer."

The incident was filmed by several amateur cameras, still photographers, and what appeared to be at least one professional camera man.


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