Snow Job: Mass. plow driver fired after video bragging about burying cars

Mark Hussey was fired from his job as a snow plow driver in Lowell, Mass., after he bragged on YouTube about burying cars after a big storm; his apology was also less than artful.
CBS Boston
(CBS)  Boston - A Massachusetts snow plow driver who was fired after he posted a video bragging about burying parked cars is back with another installment - an apology (sorta), in which he says he's sorry - but only for making the original video, not necessarily for giving folks his version of a snow job.

Mark Hussey, who identifies himself as Dogg, lost his job Friday for posting a YouTube video of himself, burying cars in Lowell and bragging about it during the February 8-9 monster storm, CBS Boston reported.

The video went viral and it infuriated several people, including the city manager in the community north of Boston.

The contractor hired by the city to plow the streets fired Hussey.

The original video has been taken down, CBS Boston reported, but Hussey posted a new one over the weekend, in which he "apologizes" - while wearing a shirt with an obscenity and the message "I have enough friends!"

As for Hussey's version of a mea culpa...

"Am I an idiot? Yes. I'll be the first one to admit that. Should I have been taking a video? No," he says in the clip.

He continues.

"No cars or personal property was [sic] hurt, making this video or any time during the storm. The only things that were hurt were people's feelings and maybe some sore backs from having to shovel out. But that's what happens in a blizzard."

(Open mouth, keep digging)

Hussey says he's been driving a plow truck for 30 years and never had a problem until he made the original video.

"Yes, I realize I should have kept my mouth shut," he said. "If you watch the video and turn down the sound, you'll see that I was doing my job - perfectly."

Hussey said he deserved to be fired for all of the embarrassment he caused his boss and the city.

PHOTO CAPTION: Mark Hussey, aka 'Dogg,' was fired Feb. 22 after his plowing video went viral