Snow Dusts Utah, Colorado

The resorts are closed, but it's ski season in Utah this week.

CBS "This Morning" Meteorologist Craig Allen reports that the first snow of the season arrived in Utah late Sunday, and it is a big one.

There were 3 to 6 inches of snow on the ground Monday morning and more was expected. Allen reports that the autumn storm has the potential to deliver 6 to 12 inches in some parts of Utah, Colorado and South Dakota.

Snowbird's Hidden Peak had 18 inches of snow by early Sunday, and skiers stepped out to take advantage of it.

The first major snow of the season arrived courtesy of a huge storm system that is bringing showers, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes to the nation's midsection.

The storms system is the result of cold, dry air out of the north mixing with warm, moist air out of the Gulf under the influence of a strong jet stream.