Snow Doesn't Stop McCain's "Straight Talk Express"

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

HANCOCK, N.H. -- The New Year's Eve snow storm that swept through the region didn't stop the full house of New Hampshire voters from coming out to catch John McCain's appearance in Hancock this morning.

The McCain team and traveling press filed off of the Straight Talk Express and onto vans to navigate through the hazardous conditions. When we arrived at the home of Jarvis and Bobbie Coffin, McCain, as well as the press formed a line waiting for the hosts to make room for us.

McCain was energetic and spent more time than usual speaking about the economy. On the issue of mortgages and sub-prime lending he told the audience, "we have to give hard-working Americans some relief." He went on to say America must take care of displaced workers too. "I'm not a protectionist, I'm a free-trader but I want to help these workers."

Someone's phone went off in the middle of one of his answers and he joked, "Somebody get that it might be the phone," and the room laughed. "It might be John Edwards saying he supports the McCain surge," he added.

During Q & A, 71-year-old Judith Stout from Hancock, N.H., said she doesn't think federal money should be spent on war. McCain and Stout agreed that it was too late to discuss whether or not the U.S. should have invaded Iraq.

"If we pulled out and said we couldn't pay, we'd pay a heavy price in blood and treasure," McCain explained.