Slow motion of an AK-47 (in air and underwater)

AK47 shooting underwater in slow motion.

(CBS News) Don't try this at home, kids! While we don't advocate playing with guns -- especially assault rifles -- Destin of SmarterEveryDay has a fun lesson that helps an AK-47 make sense. Through the use of a high-tech, high-speed camera, Destin, who previously did this experiment with handguns (and yes, we wrote about thattoo), shows what happens when you shoot an automatic weapon underwater (and in a glass case). The result is an explosion of water -- and lots and lots of glass (at around 3:20). See Destin "show-and-tell" in the best possible way above.

Destin just has a way of making everything so simple to understand, doesn't he? And while I normally wouldn't choose to write about an AK-47, he's just so darn cute and enthusiastic that he makes them a bit appealing even to me. Did you know how an AK-47 works? I sure didn't, but you learn something new everyday. Let's just hope he doesn't have to buy his dad a new gun! (Watch the outtakes to see what I'm talking about in addition to some pretty funny father/son bonding and bloopers!)