Skinny Undies Keep You Looking Slim

Women who want to look skinnier can get a little help from their undies!

On The Early Show Friday, Glamour magazine Executive Fashion Editor at Large Suze Yalof Schwartz spotlighted several undergarments designed to make women look slimmer.

She pointed to items designed for four problem areas: flabby arms, butt/thighs, flabby belly, and general bulge all over. Schwartz hosted a mini-fashion show. Each model represented a different look, with a before shot, then a live runway walk, with the undergarments under her clothes. There were also four mannequins wearing each of the undergarments shown.

Schwartz's Quick Tips on Undergarments:

Shoppers should buy their true size, because if the shaper is purchased too big or too small, it will result in compression in the wrong areas of the body and you'll look misshaped. A good shaper has different zones of compression.

Be sure to purchase a shaper made of the right material. Certain materials work better with certain fabrics; it all depends on what you're wearing. You want to make sure the fabric you're wearing doesn't cling to the shaper.

The descriptions below use info provided by the manufacturers.

FOR EVERYTHING: All-Over Slimming: Spanx Hide and Sleek Slip Suit, $84.00

This overachieving underpinning lets you look and feel your best in virtually any outfit. The light compression begins just below the bra line and continues all the way down to your mid thigh, gently slimming and smoothing your tummy, hips, thighs and rear.

Schwartz's thoughts: We put it under a tight, skimpy shirt dress and it really does show the drama. Before, she looks big all over: big thighs, big butt, large thighs. This product minimizes her butt, her thighs, about 3-1/2 inches! Spanx has been around: They have done the top and bottom. They wanted to create something that will work under all clothes -- no need for bra and underwear with this Spanx. It also lifts up at the bust. It's really dramatic, and is just hitting stores now.

FOR THIGHS: Flat Butt/Thigh Control: Lipo in a Box High Waist Brief with Legs, $42.00

Includes midriff, tummy, and back support. Lifts and shapes the derriere, allowing curves, and not flattening the bottom.

Schwartz's thoughts: This is best for pear-shaped women, and one out of three women are pear-shaped. What's new about this is not only does it flatten your stomach and trim thighs, but there is a new technology that doesn't flatten your rear-end. It keeps your butt round and lifted, so you are getting skinnier thighs and a more fit-looking rear! It makes for a smooth, firm look.

FOR STOMACH: Flabby Stomach: Yummie Tummie Classic Tank, $62.00

Secret minimizing panel shapes entire waistline from the bust to the hips, visibly taking off inches. Smooths and naturally wicks moisture away with an extra-long design that won't roll up over your belly and is great for layering or tucking in.

Schwartz's thoughts: Belly fat be gone with Yummie Tummie! These amazing tanks were created by a new mom who refused to stop wearing her low-rise jeans. They're the perfect combination of your favorite t-shirt and slimming shape-wear, since the upper and lower parts of the tank consist of lightweight cotton, and the mid-section is made of dual-fabric technology that slims any loose skin and flabbiness, regardless of your size. These are truly fantastic for everyday wear, as a foundation, or as a layering piece for your outfit.

FOR ARMS: Flabby Arms: Flabuless De Quart Sleeve Arm Shaper, $47.00

De Quart sleeve offers arm-slimming control for the top portion of your arm, creating a bulge-free silhouette in your favorite tops. Its knitted arm band lies comfortably between the elbow and shoulder, and the sleeve itself is sheer and lightweight for barely-there comfort. The compression component, similar to that of leg shapers, allows the De Quart sleeve to snuggly minimize common female trouble spots, transforming your body in seconds.

Schwartz's thoughts: This is new technology. What's so fantastic is a lot of women hate their arms and these firm, tone, and slim the arms. Women definitely have to wear it underneath something, because it has an adjustable back for different back sizes. This is perfect to wear under a tight-fitted wrap dress or fitted top. These are the first people who have ever thought of arm hoisery. Try using it first for a special occasion to get used to how it feels, then you can work up to all day wear. One of the biggest body flaws I hear women discussing is the dreaded arm flab. Exercise might take weeks, months, and even years to get rid of this flabbiness. Why spend all this time at the gym when these sleeves can slim your arms in seconds flat? These sleeves were just created this past August and are a major breakthrough in women's shape-wear technology. Wearing these sleeves will take your arms from jiggly to toned instantly, without showing under any of your garments.

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