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"Skinny-dipping" congressman targeted in ad awash with nude puns

Remember the time Rep. Kevin Yoder, R-Kansas, stripped off his clothes and went for a dip in the sea where the Bible says Jesus walked on water?

If not, skinny-dipping pool party guests in an ad supporting his long-shot Democratic challenger want to remind you.

Former state legislator Kelly Kultala, who's making a far-fetched bid for the Kansas seat, kicks off the pun-packed spot: "A while back, Congressman Yoder made news by skinny-dipping on the job," she says, followed by a man's "cannonball!" cry. "But it's more shameless what he's doing to Kansas."

An apparently nude elderly couple cooling off in the pool contributes: "The naked truth is, Yoder voted to cut Medicare for seniors." A man lounging poolside and sporting a hardhat notes that Yoder "opposed a raise for Kansas workers." And while a naked young man cruises behind her on his raft, a woman raises issue with Yoder having "stripped education funding for Kansas schools.

"...Yoder lines the pockets of his millionaire donors with big tax cuts, and they line his," she says, adding for good measure - "when he has pockets."

In 2012, headlines surfaced about how some Republican freshman - Yoder included - went for a late-night swim in the Sea of Galilee during an informational trip bankrolled primarily by a pro-Israel lobbying group. As reports of drinking and nudity trickled in, the FBI launched a probe of the incident.

While Yoder admitted to fully disrobing for the plunge in one of the Holy Land's most storied bodies of water, other lawmakers say they only partially did so. Families - including one congressman's daughter - were present and also reportedly swimming, and lawmakers offered a lush array of explanations, ranging from religious draw to an overly warm night.

Yoder at the time apologized to constituents for "any embarrassment" he caused with his decision to take "a spontaneous and very brief dive into the sea" - "regrettably," he adds, "without a swimsuit."

Politico reports that Kultala's ad is backed by a five-figure, multi-week broadcast and cable buy in the Kansas City media market. A spokesman for the production company behind it said the concept was birthed for attention.

"Kelly is a great candidate and knows that we need to stand out against an opponent with a huge bank account," Travis Lowe said. "What's important to her is that we're talking about Yoder's record in DC and how it's affecting middle-class families in Kansas. That's really what this ad is about, not his conduct abroad. It was fun to do the ad, but his record is no joke for Kansas families, unfortunately."

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