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Six-Figure Jobs: Sales Manager, Medical Equipment

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Sales Manager, Medical Equipment

  • Salary for Top Earners: $137,000+
  • Projected Job Growth: 10 percent by 2018
  • Additional Training Required: An eight-week program offered by Medical Sales College can help newcomers with sales experience transition to medical sales, although Colorado residents are required to get on-site instruction.

An innovative new array of medical devices and "spare parts" is coming to the aid of an aging population. This equipment, as well as more standard supplies, calls for experienced sales people to do business with hospitals, physicians, and clinics, often around the world. "Hiring on the sales side has been incredibly strong," says Paula Rutledge, president of LegacyMedSearch, a medical recruitment firm "We've had more jobs filled in the past two weeks than we had in a year." The people who filled them? They came from Procter & Gamble, Pitney-Bowes, Schwinn, a copier company, nursing, and even professional sports.

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