"Sister Wives" Season 1, Episode 6: Robyn's Wedding Dress Distress

Sister Wives (TLC)

NEW YORK (CBS) At the beginning of Sunday night's episode of "Sister Wives," the fivesome sat on the couch and discussed the nuances of their relationships. Because Kody and Robyn weren't yet married, the naughty stuff was certainly off limits.

Christine and Meri argued that Robyn's position as fiance did not merit the same amount of Kody-time as the other three wives. She'd only become an equal partner once they were officially wed.

The four go shopping for Robyn's wedding dress but don't end up picking one out. Kody later tells the wives his "big secret" -- that he'd actually selected Robyn's dress himself. Robyn's angry that he told them when she asked him not to. The sister wives are aghast, offended that Robyn would pretend to take their opinion and really go to Kody, who had showed no interest in selecting their wedding dresses way back when.

Christine was so upset, she removed her mic and walked out on the interview. She returned with words of wisdom: "Every woman is insane, and every man is in fact an idiot."