Sin City gets soaked: Las Vegas hit by flash floods, mudslides

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, students Ryan Klorman, left, and Markus Adams relax on inflatable pool toys in a flooded campus parking lot in Las Vegas Sept. 11, 2012.
AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal

(CBS News) Sunny and warm weather is forecast Wednesday in Las Vegas. That is welcome relief after Tuesday's torrential downpours left parts of the city underwater. Flash floods washed out roads, stranded motorists, and left thousands without power.

It's already been one of the wettest Septembers on record in Las Vegas. And while the flood canals did their job around the casinos, the rest of Vegas is wringing itself out.

Rain falling at an inch an hour caused flash floods and even mudslides that left some commuters wading for home - or worse. At least a dozen people had to be rescued from their waterlogged cars, and 13,000 people were without power. Many were left watching helplessly in their driveways, reluctant tenants of sudden waterfront property.

Flash floods are nothing new to the southwest, especially during the monsoon season.

In southern Utah, a dike near the town of Santa Clara gave way, sending floodwaters through downtown. Evacuations had been ordered moments before, and there were no reported injuries.

But back in Vegas, there were those who still didn't take the danger seriously. A rushing torrent of water proved a tempting dare for a group of teenagers. None were hurt. But for one, it was a close call as a wave of water washed up over his ankles.

Even in Vegas, it seems, Mother Nature still holds all the cards.

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