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Simpson Auction Falls Short

Sports memorabilia collectors and O.J. Simpson fans filled a Los Angeles Auction House Tuesday night to bid or simply watch the feverish bidding on Simpson's awards and possessions, CBS News Correspondent Manuel Gallegus reports.

Despite all the buildup to the so-called "Auction of the Century," Simpson's belongings did not generate as much interest or money as was originally expected.

Simpson's Heisman trophy was valued up to $3 million, but only took in just over $255,000, while the auction brought in a total of just under $400,000.

Simpson will not see any of the money that's made.

Proceeds will go to the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. It will be the first payment of any kind since Simpson was ordered to give the families $33.5 million in the wrongful death case.

In one odd twist to the auction, one man paid $16,000 for Simpson's Hall of Fame award and jerseys so he could destroy them and send a message to Simpson.

"We will take a knife, and cut those jerseys and burn them on the courthouse steps," said Bob Enyart, of the watchdog group.

Just before the wrecking ball demolished Simpson's old Rockingham estate, every single item of value was hauled out for the auction.

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