Shrink Your Outlook PST Files by Automatically Filing Attachments

Last Updated Dec 8, 2010 12:01 AM EST

Your Outlook PST file size and your weight have a lot in common; if you're not careful, both will increase precipitously. That's bad, of course, since Outlook can perform badly when it gets bloaty. The good news, though is that it's easier to put your PST on a diet than to lose actual weight.

One way to do that: Remove the attachments from your messages and store those space hogs in folders on your hard drive, where they won't affect Outlook. Doing that one message at a time is slow and cumbersome. Instead, automate the process with Outlook Attachment Exporter. This utility can delete the attachments from Outlook messages, leaving behind an empty file (so the attachment icon remains) or, even better, a link so you can continue to open attachments from e-mail long after the attachment is removed.

Outlook Attachment Exporter is similar to Kopf Outlook Attachment Remover, which I recommended last year -- but it's somewhat more polished and full featured. Even so, it's completely free. [via Addictivetips]