Shotgun-Wielding Bike Rider Shot by Police after Opening Fire, Say Officials

(CBS Graphic)
(CBS Graphic)
OAKLAND, Calif. (CBS/AP) Armed with a shotgun and a hatchet, Nathaniel Reddick was shot and wounded by police after firing at several parked patrol cruisers near police headquarters in downtown Oakland, according to officials.

Police say the 25-year-old suspect rode up to the scene late Saturday on a bicycle and began shooting at police vehicles, damaging at least six of them.

He was confronted by a police sergeant and lieutenant, but allegedly refused to back down.

The lieutenant fired one shot, wounding the suspect.

Police say Reddick, of Sacramento, was taken into custody and hospitalized. His wounds are not considered to be life-threatening, according to officials.

Police have still not identified a motive as to why Reddick was shooting at the vehicles, reports CBS affiliate KCBS.