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Shop And Trade Wirelessly...From Your Palm

Let's see…I've got a two way pager on my belt along with a Web enabled wireless phone…and in my hand here I've got Palm V with a new OmniSky wireless modem that snaps onto the back. Okay…maybe that is too connected, but let me show you what this latest gadget can do. Let's say I'm out shopping in the local electronics store for a new stereo. Hey that looks like a good price. But before I buy…I take out the Palm with the OmniSky and tap on

"If price is one of the things you're most interested in, we'll help you compare all the different prices or where else you could get that item."
Brian Rolfe of So right in the midst of the store on that handheld screen I can see that I can buy the same stereo someplace else for fifty dollars less. Keep in mind…if that someplace else is an online merchant, there could be shipping costs to tack on. But, nevertheless, it's pretty nifty. And if by chance I need more money for my purchase, I can take the device out again and sell some stock. Schwab has launched a new service it calls PocketBroker. Wireless Solutions VP Robert Sofman…

"The very volatile and real-time nature of the market fits really well with real-time, anytime, anywhere nature of the wireless medium."
Too connected? Not if you need to make that trade right now! You can find links to more info at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.
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