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Sexy Lingerie for Your Sweetheart

If you're still looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift, how about some sexy sleepwear?

Celebrity stylist Mary Alice Stephenson shared some of the latest men's and women's fashions designed to reignite your romance.

Stephenson says Valentine's Day is not about being shy. She says you should have fun with your lingerie choices.

She said, "I like to say everyone should have something that's a little naughty and something that's a little nice."

She suggested wearing a little leopard skin for Valentine's Day.

"This is for the woman who wants to go full out leopard and unleash their inner cat woman," she said. "What's great about this piece is that if you're more flat-chested, it gives you support without underwire so it's quite comfortable and you can even sleep in it."

For those women who want to have a little femininity, Stephenson said you can mix leopard with floral and be less siren and more sweet and get a bit more feminine look.

She chose a baby doll dress by Bisou/Bisou that draws attention to what you want to show and hides that tummy you don't.

For curvy women, Stephenson says you should celebrate your body. She suggested a black nightgown from Anthropologie that's fitted, with stretch Lycra that holds everything in.

You can also try some sassy and sophisticated looks. Stephenson suggested a pink neon robe from Victoria Secret.

"This robe is a beautiful item to incorporate into your lingerie collection," she said.

And men, you don't have to wear hearts on your shots. Stephenson recommended a pair of sexy long Johns from Topshop that are great for the cold weather.

Products featured on "The Early Show":

"Harry" customized underwear: Blume: $26 (thong $14)
TOPMAN long red sleeve t‐shirt: $20
TOPMAN sweat pants: $70.00
TOPMAN Robot boxers: $10.00
Express underwear: $10.50‐$12.50
Express Bras: $28.50
Leopard D&G underwear: $45
Leopard D&G cami slip nightgown$: 145
Zebra demi bra D&G: $76
Bisou Bisou nightgown
Victoria Secret Black silk kimono robe: $42.00
Victoria Secret pink silk lace robe:$68.00
Victoria Secret black push up slip with bright pink bows: $58.00
Maiden form underwear: $9
Anthropologie slip by pinkerton: ($58)
Jay Koss Men's PJ's: $650

Midnight Carole Hochman robe: $89
Moschino little shorts Model 4 A6701
Moschino underwear Model Z A4702
In bloom robe: $68.00
In bloom nightgown: $68.00
Hanes underwear: (around $16 dollars)
D & G underwear: (around $18 dollars)

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