Seth MacFarlane: "Ted" walks line of "sweetness and bad taste"

Seth MacFarlane on "CBS This Morning."
Seth MacFarlane on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) Seth MacFarlane, the man behind America's No. 1 film "Ted," said the movie walks the line of "sweetness and bad taste."

"Ted," featuring MacFarlane as the voice of a teddy bear brought to life, raked in $54.1 million at the weekend box office according to studio estimates. MacFarlane, director of the film, is best known as the creator of TV's "Family Guy."

Carl Sagan papers donated by "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane
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Aside from the test of making the teddy bear Ted look real and not cartoonish, MacFarlane said the biggest challenge of the film was "walk(ing) the line of sweetness and bad taste."

"It's sort of that mix of high brow and low brow, I guess, that we all love 'Monty Python,'" MacFarlane said. "That's sort of the paragon example of how to walk that line."

For more on the technology behind "Ted," the success of "Family Guy" and how MacFarlane gauges the show's success, watch the video in the player above.