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Senate Merry-Go-Round Starts Spinning

The new administration about to sweep into Washington, DC, is destined to do more than just change the face of the executive branch, it's going to have a potentially profound impact on the Senate as well.

Already, President-elect Barack Obama has resigned his seat, leaving it up to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to select a replacement. A slew of potential cabinet choices could mean more changes should New York Senator Hillary Clinton, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry or even Republican Dick Lugar from Indiana make the jump.

One other certain new face will come from Delaware, where Vice Presidential-elect Joe Biden has yet to formally resign his seat. There has been speculation that he would like to see his son, state Attorney General Beau Biden fill his seat (to which he was just re-elected this year). But the younger Biden has taken himself out of the running, according to a statement yesterday evening. On his way to Iraq as part of the state's National Guard, Beau Biden had this to say: "I have not sought and will not accept an appointment to the United States Senate. … I look forward to returning to my work as attorney general of the state of Delaware."

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