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Senate Intel probing Jill Stein's campaign for Russian collusion

WASHINGTON -- Former presidential candidate Jill Stein says she's cooperating with a Senate intelligence committee probe into Russian interference in the election. 

The chairman of the panel, Sen. Richard Burr, R-North Carolina, told reporters Monday that his committee is just starting to look at Stein's campaign, The Washington Post reports. Stein had attended the same Moscow dinner in 2015 that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had attended, the report noted.

Stein rejected the idea in a statement Monday evening that her campaign colluded with Russia.

"Our communications with Russian individuals regarding an invitation to speak on international relations at the RT 10th anniversary media conference will confirm what we stated publicly at that time and since: that we did not accept any payment or even reimbursement for the trip, and that we made the trip with the goal of reaching an international audience and Russian officials with a message of Middle East peace, diplomacy, and cooperation against the urgent threat of climate change, consistent with long-standing Green principles and policies," she said.

Stein said that she supports investigations into illegal activity in U.S. elections, but said she cautions "against the politicization, sensationalism and collapse of journalistic standards that has plagued media coverage of the investigation."

This comes as Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee express concern that Republicans are planning to wrap up its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election soon. 

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