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Second arrest made in Wal-Mart fight caught on video

More charges have been filed against two women who were caught on camera fighting at a Walmart in Indiana
Second woman arrested after wild Walmart brawl 02:00

BEECH GROVE, Ind. - A second woman has been arrested in connection with a fight at an Indiana Wal-Mart that was caught on video, reports CBS affiliate WISH.

Rebecca Mills, 30, has reportedly been charged with a class B misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct for her role in the altercation. She was released on bond.

Mills is the second person to face charges in connection with the incident. Amber Stephenson, 34, was charged last week with neglect of a dependent and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. A charge of disorderly conduct was added during a Tuesday court appearance.

Stephenson and Mills were caught on video fighting with one another in the shampoo aisle of the Beech Grove, Ind., Wal-Mart on June 4. The video, which was captured via cell phone by a bystander, gained national attention.

When talking to officers after the brawl, Stephenson reportedly said she saw and heard Mills, who was riding on a motorized cart, threaten a Wal-Mart employee prior to the altercation.

According to WISH, the employee said there were shopping carts full of merchandise in the aisle because she was re-stocking the shelves, and Mills struck the carts with the motorized cart she was riding on, then began yelling at her.

After some verbal sparring, Mills got out of cart and the fight with Stephenson began.

In the video of the fight, Stephenson can be heard telling her six-year-old son to hit Mills in the face. The boy can be seen hitting Mills with his fists and a shampoo bottle. At one point, a bystander implores the women to stop fighting because "there's kids all around here."

The boy later yells to a group of onlookers, "Do not even tell me what to do."

In an interview with detectives, Mills reportedly stated that the Wal-Mart employee gave her a dirty look when she tried to apologize for striking the carts.

The woman who videotaped the incident spoke about the fight last week and said that Mills shouted racial comments at the African-American employee.

In an interview with investigators, the Wal-Mart worker reportedly said that Mills did not use the n-word but did threaten her.

The Associated Press reports that both Stephenson and Mills have been banned from the Wal-Mart.

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