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Seattle bus driver shot in chest got passengers to safety during deadly shooting spree

Witnesses describe deadly Seattle shooting
Seattle shooting: Witnesses describe deadly rush hour rampage 01:34

Police are searching for the motive of a man who went on a deadly shooting spree during rush hour in Seattle. Investigators say the gunman shot at several drivers and tried to carjack multiple people.Two people were killed and two others were hurt.

Unsuspecting drivers on a Seattle street encountered a hail of gunfire around 4 p.m. Wednesday after a man carrying a handgun began shooting, reports CBS News' DeMarco Morgan. "It didn't matter who you were. He was going to shoot you if he saw you," one witness said.

"I turned around and left, because he was heading right for me," another witness said. "I barely got out of there. It was close, real close."

The 33-year old unnamed suspect began his rampage by shooting a 57-year-old woman during a carjacking attempt. She survived. Then, police say he took aim at a city bus. Driver Eric Stark took all 12 passengers to safety after a bullet hit him in the chest.

"This bus driver truly is a hero," Seattle Police Department spokesperson said. "He was able to have the wherewithal to put the bus in reverse, back it up, turn it around, which is no easy feat in and of itself."

The gunman moved on to another car and killed the driver. The suspect then climbed into the victim's car and sped away. During a nearly half-mile police chase, the shooter collided with another car, killing its 70-year-old driver. After a standoff, police dragged him from the wrecked car and took him into custody. The gunman was taken to the hospital after the wreck. 

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