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Schoolkids risk lives crossing collapsed bridge

Several elementary school-age children risked their lives to make a perilous journey to school, after flooding damaged a suspension bridge that is the only connection between two Indonesian villages in the district of Lebak.

Since Saturday flooding in the area has collapsed three bridges in the area.

On Friday a number of schoolchildren climbed across a perilously-dangling cable over the Ciberang River, rather than walk a five-kilometer-long detour between Ciwaru and Sabagi, after the 162-meter-long suspension bridge collapsed.

Muhammad, 9, told Reuters he was scared to walk across the damaged bridge, but did not want to miss school.

"Yes, I am afraid [of falling into the river]. But I must do it," he said.

Residents have demanded the local government repair the bridge, but little action has been taken.

Watch video of the children making the perilous trek by clicking on the player above.

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